Michelle Cefolia

Michelle Cefolia is a renowned real estate broker in Old Naples, Florida, known for her unmatched expertise and dedication. Deeply passionate about the community, she uses her profound local knowledge to help clients find their ideal homes. She's skilled at negotiations and detail-oriented, ensuring clients' real estate goals are met. Her extensive network and resources allow her to discover personalized opportunities for her clients, whether they desire a beachfront property, a historic home, or a luxurious retreat.

Beyond her professional duties, Michelle actively participates in community initiatives, preserving Old Naples' unique charm. Her local involvement and historical understanding make her an invaluable asset for clients seeking to appreciate Old Naples' distinctive offerings. In her free time, she delights in the local beaches and outdoor activities, always eager to share her beloved spots with clients.

If you need a trusted, passionate real estate advisor familiar with Old Naples, Michelle Cefolia is the ideal choice. Her expertise and love for the community will turn your real estate journey into a successful, memorable experience.

Office: 533 Broad Ave S Naples Florida 34102

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